• Highly-trained professionals are at your disposal 365/24/7
  • Save on IT-related costs and free up your IT resources
  • Respond to security issues quickly and protect your reputation
  • Get priority for your request to increase uptime

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ESET Premium Support Service gives you 365/24/7 access to customer care specialists
with years of experience in IT security. Receive assistance when installing major
upgrades, during migrations and with other tasks.

Standard Support vs. Premium Support

Support Feature

Premium Support

Standard Support

Critical Severity Response Time
2 hours 1 business day
Serious Severity Response Time
4 hours Best effort
Common Severity Response Time
1 workday Best effort
Support availability
365/7/24 7:00-18:00, business days only
Priority call queuing
Yes -
Caller Entry Point
Specialists/Experts (ESET HQ) Frontline (ESET Partner)
Customer Contacts
Unlimited -
Proactive Informative Services
Yes -
Comprehensive Incident Reports
Yes Yes
Major Upgrades Assistance -
Service Pack Installation Assistance -
Software Migrations Assistance -

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Business and IT Benefits

Take your IT security to the next level

Our ESET Premium Support service gives your company or organization uninterrupted access to professional assistance. Ensure maximum uptime and productivity and increase the value of your ESET security solutions, so that you can better focus on running your business.

Business Benefits

  • Keep your business running without interruptions
  • Improve the security profile and trustworthiness of your company by responding to issues quickly
  • Save on IT costs
  • Free up your IT resources
  • Receive proactive information from a pioneer of IT security

IT Benefits

  • Highly-trained customer care specialists are at your disposal 365/24/7
  • Receive expert information directly from the makers of our technology
  • Track the history of your support tickets
  • Get priority on support calls to quickly resolve your IT security issues
  • Receive technical assistance during major upgrades, installations of service packs and software migrations

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