• Remote Management
    Lock/unlock, and even wipe missing devices remotely
  • Device Security
    No need for a dedicated Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool
  • Application Control
    Monitor apps on the device, and block access to specific apps
  • Anti-Theft
    Secure data on lost or stolen devices
We especially liked ESET as it had very little impact on system performance…you don’t even know it’s running.
Mr Prabhat Gautam
IT Head, Oswal Castings Pvt. Ltd, India


your Endpoints

  • Real-Time Protection
    Shields all applications and files in real time with ESET NOD32® proactive technology, optimized for mobile platforms.
  • On-Charger Scan
    Allows to conduct a full device scan in off-peak hours when it is on-charger and the screen is locked.
  • Anti-Phishing
    Protects users from attempts to acquire passwords, banking data and other sensitive information by fake websites masked as legitimate ones.
  • SMS & Call Filter
    Protects users from unwanted calls and SMS messages from hidden numbers, selected contact or phone number or during pre-defined time-period.


  • No need for dedicated Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool
    Provides the admin with a range of options to execute basic security policies across the mobile device fleet. The application automatically notifies user and admin if the current device settings are not in compliance with corporate security policies and suggests the necessary changes.
  • Device Security Settings:
    • Set minimum security level and define the password complexity requirements
    • Set maximum failed unlock attempts after which the device will automatically go to factory default settings
    • Define when the screen lock code expires
    • Set lock screen timer
    • Prompt users to encrypt their mobile devices
    • Block built-in camera usage


  • Application Control
    Offers administrators the option to monitor installed applications, block access to defined applications, and prompt users to uninstall a particular application.
  • Application Control allows to:
    • Manually define applications to be blocked
    • Block by category − games, social media.
    • Block by permission − applications that track location or access contact lists
    • Block by source − applications installed from sources other than default app stores
    • Set exceptions from the rules – whitelist application
    • Use ESET Remote Administrator to define a list of mandatory installed applications


  • Command Triggers
    All the remote commands can be triggered by admin via ESET Remote Administrator, via an SMS, or from the admin’s product interface.
  • Custom Message
    Administrator can send a custom pop-up message to particular device or to a group of devices.
  • Admin Contacts
    SMS commands to control company devices can be sent only from these trusted numbers, which are also used to push notifications related to Anti-Theft actions.
  • Lock Screen Information
    The admin can set custom data (company name, email, message) to be displayed when the phone is locked. This enables potential finders to call a pre-defined number.
  • Basic Remote Actions
    Remotely Lock/Unlock device, sound a Siren, Locate, or Wipe the device.
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Related Information

System Requirements

  • Operating Systems: Android 4.0 and higher
  • Compatible with the new ESET Remote Administrator 6
    Note: Not compatible with previous versions of ESET Remote Administrator